Fear of an American Monolith

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by Vanessa Alvarado

What? Does not make sense!

The news heard around the world is that Donald Trump won the Presidency.

There were mixed emotions throughout the elections and when anyone would go through social media everything and everyone was divisive.  Half of everybody was pro Trump and the other half was pro Clinton.  This election called the pick of the lesser of two evils.  But, lets face it, isn’t that the case for every election?

The election was undoubtedly going to be a close one and when towards the end of the tallying polls were taken, Trump started taking the lead everyone was on the edge of their seats.  Trump declared his win a few minutes early on after receiving a call from Secretary Clinton congratulating him on the news.  Everyone’s reactions became flooding in.  People’s emotions were and still are at an all time high.  Emotions so great that rallies began and peoples innocent lives have been lost.  We the people of the United States are ruining lives based off of someone who half the country picked.

The Latino community for the most part are all living in fear.  Trump made extreme statements stating that Latinos rapists, killers and overall criminals making those who have a small-minded point of view, stereotyping all Latinos as such.  They are living in fear of what Trump will do once he officially takes office and what it means for those undocumented immigrants who are here.  These immigrants came here to live the American dream and instead of living the dream, they are living in fear.

It is just as important to note that there were Latino voters for Trump.  Some reasons they did vote for Trump is because they did not see Trump making such extreme statements, but rather the fact that Mexico sends their criminals to the United States to deal with, not that all Hispanics are bad.  Other reasons include the fact that if they are citizens, so should all these other people be and that it is not fair that they are getting treated the same if not better, especially when it comes to education.  Trump supporters believe that the United States should be looking out for their own people before they start supporting illegals.

This election proves to us that this country is not as great as it seems or as progressive.  It is not accepting of the different American experiences.  It is still a country stuck in the same ideas that were in place in history since the mid 1900’s of the segregation that was believed to no longer be prevalent in todays life, but clearly it is just with a new twist.  This election has divided the country and is letting our emotions take the best of us.  We are repeating history once again, yet we would think we would learn from our mistakes.

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