Arlene Mejorado, Local Artist Teams Up With “We The People” Campaign

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by Cynthia Cervantes and Rachel Rosete

Image by Arlene Mejorado
Pershing Square Los Angeles Photo by Arlene Mejorado

Growing up in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Arlene Mejorado was exposed to the vast ethnic backgrounds and was able to gain a diverse perspective that led her to become not only a great multimedia artist but a great advocate.

Her love for photography began with a trip to Chiapas, Mexico at the age of 21. She captured many stories through her experiences of a first-generation Chicana. In 2013, Mejorado received a degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas, Austin where she received many grants and awards for her art.

She has photography publications, collections, solos, and group exhibitions.  Mejorado is a photographer and videographer that specializes in creative documentary projects and visual story making.

Mejorado discovered her passion for art when she was a young teenager, but she did not pursue it until she was in her early 20’s. She is a self-taught artist who took the opportunity of going forward with her love for art thanks to community workshops and online help.

Mejorado’s favorite equipment to work with is a 5D Mark III that she uses with a 50mm fixed lens. It is her favorite equipment because it gives her a closer and more honest view of whatever subject it is that she is trying to capture.

She began her latest project after she teamed up with WE THE PEOPLE campaign. Aaron Huey who is the founder of The Amplifier Foundation. He contacted her after he saw some of her portraits and developed an interest in the themes that she used to create many of her pieces of art.

She was also asked how she continues to stay productive  everyday. Her productivity does not really rely on a schedule she does her work as it comes that is how she believes that her artistic side is shown the most. What she does do on a daily basis is meditate and have conversations with people that have a meaning in her life. That is a part of her day to day motivation.
On her website, Mejorado demonstrates strong passion for recognizing vibrant and diverse communities.


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